Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Lewis Sexton Scholarship

I was born and raised in Kentucky, the proud son of a single mother in a working class, blue collar family. So I know how hard it can be for working families to scrape together the money to send a kid to college. My own mother was helped out by my grandmother, and my grandfather, president of the United Auto Workers Local 862.

My grandfather was so influential in my life, I have dedicated a scholarship in his honor to award $5,000 to three Kentucky students each year to go towards their college tuition. The Lewis Sexton Scholarship, awarded by the Morris Foundation, is now in its fifth year. To date, we have awarded $75,000 to Kentucky college students, helping them get one step closer to the American Dream.

We offer this scholarship in partnership with the Blue Grass Community Foundation. And the scholarship is open to children of UAW members (or retirees) who plan to attend college in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Past years’ recipients have attended colleges across Kentucky including Bellarmine University, Eastern Kentucky University, the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University.

I am so proud to announce that for 2020, the Fifth Annual Lewis Sexton Scholarship winners are:

Blake Allen, Charlene Lalata, and Savannah Beyerlie.

Blake will be attending Spalding University and intends on majoring in Physical Therapy.

Charlene will be attending the University of Louisville and intends on majoring in Education.

Savannah will be attending the University of Kentucky and plans to major in Biosystems Engineering.

A college degree can help so much in enabling young people to stand out and get ahead in today’s competitive world. And when it comes to paying for college, every little bit helps.

I hope this little bit helps this year’s scholarship winners get a little bit closer to their dreams, and that the Lewis Sexton Scholarship will be as influential to them as Lewis Sexton was — and still is — to me.

Blake, Charlene, and Savannah, may you continue to pursue your dreams.

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